1987-01-01 Eroica Bicycles

Vintage Steel  Racebikes to take part in Eroica events.

Every bike for sale has been carefully  restored with new cables, chain and freewheel. The bikes  have been looked after by me in my workshop to make sure you can enjoy every Eroica km. I worked as a bike mechanic in a racebikeshop and in cyclingteams for many years.

1956 Favorit Rokycany  SOLD

1960 Favorit Rokycany :

1966 Batavus Televizier Pro Team:  SOLD

1966 Favorit Rokycany:

1968 Favorit Rokycany

1969 Favorit Rokycany

1970 Magneet-Sprint:

For Eroica events the bicycle must be HEROIC. It is essentially a STEEL framed road bicycle built BEFORE 1987 with the following characteristics: down-tube shifters, pedals with clips, low-profile rims, external brake cables.

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